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About The Wack

The city of ChilliWACK was always meant to have a Dodgeball League, our city’s name says it all. The WACK Dodgeball League is a non-profit adult recreational sports league, powered by it’s volunteers and players who are passionate about sport, health, good fun, and building community. We’ve been...
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Dodgeball 101

Curious about the new dodgeball rules? Look no further, this brief instructional video covers all the basics. We're spreading the dodgeball love! If you are that advanced level player who wants a more in depth look at the rules, check out the official rules page on the main IDA website
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Exec Recruitment

Are you looking for a fun opportunity to make new friends and build meaningful connections? How about fostering internal growth and professional development? Want to utilize your skills to positively impact the community? If you said “yes” to any above, then why not apply to become a Wack Exec?
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Waivers & Insurance

Players must sign an online waiver each season prior to participating in any of The Wack sponsored event, which includes but is not limited to league nights, tournaments, skill clinics and playoffs. There are no exceptions; any substitute players brought in must sign an online waiver as well.
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Dodgeball 101 Video


  • What kind of balls are used?

    The Wack plays with safe rubber-skin foam balls that don’t hurt at all on impact .
  • Am I too young/old to play dodgeball?

    Although we require all of our players to be 19 and over, there is no upper limit.
  • Why does The Wack use peer referees instead of paid ones?

    Unlike many other sports, The Wack’s style of dodgeball is primarily based on spirit and the honour system. The referees are only present to help facilitate a smooth game and not make every single call. Having peer referees encourages all players share in the responsibility of keeping the game fair. The quality of refereeing may vary depending on the experience of the players. However, paid referees would undermine the spirit of the game by discouraging players from calling themselves out and placing that responsibility on the referees.
  • Are the executives and organizers paid?

    The Wack is a community driven organization completely run by volunteers. No one is paid.
  • Are there different tiers in the league?

    All teams will have a chance to play each other in non-tiered format.